19@16 Sthlm – February Event: Afternoon Tea Special

Welcome to 19@19 Stockholm February Event Event is free of charge and welcome glass of champagne plus tea/coffee and cakes are included. But signup is required. Our vision is to empower you in Communication and create events that can accelerate your entrepreneurial journey but also prepare your for your everyday human interactions. This month's guest is Petra Zaharia . Petra is flying in from Romania specifically to speak with YOU Event Premium Sponsor: ThinSlices

19@19 Riga – February Event: How the company should be prepared to become investable?

Gilad has 25 years of investment banking experience and despite founding only one company he sees himself as a full time entrepreneur. Gilad strongly believes that every one should understand their weaknesses and focus their work with their strength. In his talk, Gilad will discuss the dos and don’t dos during the fund raising process, he will ask you whether you really need the money and will explain investors’ way of thinking and how the company should be prepared to become investable.